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Rock House Student Spotlight


The Rock House School of Music is a community of students, teachers and parents that all come together to help and support each other on our musical journey. By working hard together with passion we develop the best students in the world! Even with the best support system it takes hours or hard work and determination from the student to successfully learn to play an instrument. In this section we spotlight and honor students that put in that extra something that makes them shine. We are VERY proud of our students!

Ondine Harvey... A Rising Rock Star

Our Little Rockers program is one of the unique Rock House School of Music classes. In this class children learn the basics of rhythm & timing and get to sample multiple instruments to see which are the perfect match for your child. Ondine started in our Little Rockers program and she is a great example of how children excel musically when they get exposed at a young age.

Ondine started at age 5 and has been a student of Rock House for over six years. Her main instrument is guitar but she also plays drums, trumpet and piano and she is only 11 years old! As a guitar player she has performed at festivals, open mics and with a full band playing rhythm and lead guitar. Her instructor John McCarthy states “Ondine is an amazing musician, talented way beyond her age.  She plays advanced leads and can even improvise creating her own leads and music. I know she has a great future as a musician. After teacher for over 25 years, I can tell when a student has “it” and Ondine does. I am proud to have her as a student and can’t wait to see how far she goes.”

Keep an eye and an ear out for Ondine Harvey, we are Rock House Proud and we can assure you she will be making a lot of music in the future!