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Terri Lane

Terri Lane 

Vocal Instructor

Terri Lane is a Horizon Music Group/Elm City Music/EMI recording artist from Connecticut whose background in music covers musical theater, live performances, recording, engineering, songwriting, and many aspects of the music business. She was classically trained in her youth, has a powerful three and three-quarter octave vocal range, has been writing, recording, performing and touring for many years, and has a continually growing career as a blues-influenced rock artist. Terri has appeared on dozens of CDs for various artists over the years as both a lead and background vocalist, and has also done voiceover work and commercial jingles. She is Instructor of Voice at the University of New Haven, teaching three different courses in Vocal Performance. Terri has been teaching for 15 years, and uses a unique tool called MusicJam® to help students find their true voices by singing into a microphone to backing tracks of music on an iPod. Her proven success record with students of all levels is a result of not only her diversified background in music, but also her ability to instill confidence and positive change in everyone she works with. Her key methods of instruction are to keep it fun and interesting, helping you to be the best singer you can be, whether you are singing for fun, trying to make a career of it, or are playing in a cover band.


Voice lessons with Terri include instruction on:

     1. The physical instrument

  1. Proper breathing techniques for support of the voice, including pitch control

  2. Vocal strengthening and range expansion

  3. Maintaining a healthy voice

  4. Ear training (when necessary)

  5. Emotionalism in performance

  6. Overcoming shyness/building confidence

  7. Understanding your audience and connecting to them (where applicable)


Genres of music covered are pop, classic rock, alternative rock, blues, country rock/country pop, folk rock, hard rock, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, heavy metal, and musical theater.