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Mike Sangapore

Mike Sangapore Drum & Piano Instructor Being a young drum veteran of 9 years, I am currently drumming independently as well as teaching at The Rock House School of Music in West Haven, CT. At a very young age, it felt obvious that my talent for music would be something I would pursue passionately with discipline and commitment for years to come. It has fueled the very fire I need to live happily and has done so for 20 years. In life, I believe everyone should be as passionate about something as I am with music. Music creates a sense of "togetherness" that can form a bond between individuals, communities, cultures, and beyond. I get no greater satisfaction than the feeling of creating a perfect blend of sounds that I can listen back to and enjoy. Music can take you further than any car, train, or plane. It can take you to a place of solitude and make you invincible to the world around you. This is the most magnificent thing about music. I do my best to create the perfect blend of sounds to take people “away,“ just as my musical idols have done for me.