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Peter Hines

Peter Hines

Drum, Piano Instructor

Peter Hines is a multi-talented musician born and raised in New Haven, CT. With a passion for music that spans across various genres, Peter has dedicated years to honing his skills as a multi-instrumentalist. His training in classical, R&B, gospel, and jazz has provided him with a diverse musical background and a versatile approach to his craft.

From a young age, Peter showed a natural talent for music and quickly became proficient in playing multiple instruments. His dedication and love for the art form led him to pursue formal training in various musical styles, allowing him to develop a unique sound that blends different elements together seamlessly.

In addition to his live performances, Peter has also contributed to several studio recordings, lending his expertise to create captivating and memorable musical arrangements. His deep understanding of different musical styles and his ability to infuse his own personal touch into each composition make his contributions truly exceptional.

Peter's passion for music extends beyond his own performances. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring musicians, teaching and mentoring them to help them reach their full potential. His commitment to music education and his ability to inspire others make him a respected figure in the music community.

With his impressive musical talent, diverse background, and unwavering passion for music, Peter Hines continues to captivate audiences and make a significant impact in the world of music. Whether he's performing on stage, recording in the studio, or teaching others, Peter's love for music shines through in every note he plays.